Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pine Cone Fish Craft for Kids - Great to go with "The Rainbow Fish" Book!

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The other night we collected TONS of pine cones at our local park. We decided to "descale" some of the pine cones to make fish! We used needle nose pliers to grab the "scales" individually on the BOTTOM of the pine cone. You'll want to find a pine cone that looks like this on the bottom so that you can easily pull the pieces off.

Once you get about 1/4 up the pine cone it gets really difficult so we just switched and started pulling pieces off of a new pine cone at this point.

Put all of your "scales" in a dish!

Since my kids are small I lightly drew a fish outline on their papers for them. My oldest son got pretty creative and used glitter glue pens to trace the outside of his fish - I was pretty impressed! Then we just covered the entire inside of the fish with liquid school glue and laid the "scales" from the pine cone inside!

On one of the fish we glued a few pom pom balls above it to look like bubbles were coming out of it's mouth. We glued a googly eye on each fish and cut a small red pipe cleaner for the fish lips! 

Once everything is dried you can also let your kids paint the fish "scales" with different colored paint and make it a craft to go along with the book The Rainbow Fish

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