Monday, April 16, 2012

Ride into the Sunset

Art journaling is becoming quite a popular activity among members of the art community. Using mixed media techniques to express emotions or to record special events is a new way to "scrapbook." I would like to encourage you to give art journaling a try. Swing by the local thrift store and choose a hardcover book with a firm binding. Your next stop is the craft store to buy white Gesso. Gesso works as a primer. Open the book and prime a few pages. Once the primer is dry you are ready to roll. The sky is the limit. You can read more about this journal entry over on my blog:
Visit to find out more about the various techniques used to create this colorful layout.

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  1. oooh this is so neat! I love this idea, I want to journal like this! so many pretty textures and colors :)

    The House of Shoes